Born 1983. Winner of the second prize and special award in the International Festival of Comics and Games in Lodz's competition for short comics story for Photo album (written by Michał Lebioda) and Fluke (written by Magda Kożyczkowska) respectively. Also awarded with the third prize in the competition for a comic about the Warsaw Uprising with his work Wargames/Let's play war. Creator of the titular character and co-author (together with Michał Lebioda) of the comic Demonic Detective.



Born 1975. Graduate of the University of Lodz in librarianship. Comic- and childrenbooks writer. Together with Aleksandra Spanowicz he created a number of short comic stories (Doleful fairytale, Siren song, These Are No Nursery Rhymes). Winner of the special award at a 2006 festival of printed media for the comic Dream theft (art by A. Spanowicz). He loves many of writers and illustrators, and hates even more of them.

Marcin Surma, Unka Odya, Kajeran Wykurz (colours)




Magda Kożyczkowska (english translation)

Born 1991.

Berry Would Rather Not Be Eaten Tonight