one of the youngest Guardians of the Portal – a police unit once created in the Kingdom of Ultar. Its purpose was to maintain order and prevent illegal inter-dimensional crossings, as well as to control inter-dimensional travels and movement of goods. Blood was one of the disciples of Cobalt, a legendary warrior and leader of the guardians. Just like any other guardian's, Bloods armoury is also customized to match his training. The petite fairy Nimue is his Supporting Creature.


one of the queens of Ultar. Together with the chamberlain, an Okilognan barbakh, she fled the kingdom, just in time to escape the bloody massacre brought on by her sisters' takeover. In order to survive, she must get to Asylum, a place on Earth where the opponents of Ultar's sovereigns can hide.


two mercenary psychopaths sent after Mist by her two sisters. They served time behind the bars of the Barbon-Kha fortress up the Grey Mountains convicted of 345 especially brutal murders. The two queens exchanged the men’s loyalty for freedom.


a cat, philosopher, libertine and poet – all in one. Used to be Cobalt's – the single strongest Guardian of the Portal ever – Supporting Creature. His current owner, Hiacynth, a former disciple of Cobalt and fugitive, joined the dwellers of Asylum. Willowy loves taking long walks at night and gossiping with other magical creatures, such as Pitch the Spider.


a Ghunolian panther, serving in the elite security forces of the Ultar queens. The species is known for its prowess and high sense of honour. It has been brought to Ultar from the Ghunolian Backwoods after one of the interdimensional research trip.